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Increase Profits During the Fall Season

By Jane Eckert

Today, consumers love Halloween and spend a lot of money to enjoy the season. Be sure you know the top ways to maximize sales and increase profits during this critical selling period.

Jane Eckert, agritourism expert, teaches you:

  • What makes consumers willing to pay more money for a fall farm experience
  • How to reduce lines at concessions so you can actually increase sales
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes farmers make in choosing products to sell
  • How one big secret will turn into greater pumpkin sales
  • Which visual changes will increase sales
  • How to price admission so guests will pay and you make money
  • The number one way to get the media to cover your farm in the news


Jane Eckert founded Eckert AgriMarketing in 2001. A marketing professional with a lifetime of farm experience, Jane dedicates herself to helping farms, ranches, and tourism professionals learn more about agritourism, and how to make it profitable.

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