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How to Motivate Teen Workers

By Jane Eckert

Would you like to have your teen staff members be motivated workers who help increase revenue at your farm? A motivated staff sells more and keeps customers satisfied, which affects your profits positively! Be sure you know the proven methods to work effectively with your teens. Jane Eckert interviews Kathy Pennell, an international expert on teen employment and coauthor of "The Teenage Worker" and "Motivating Teenage Workers."

They will teach you:

  • The ten steps proven to motivate teen workers
  • How to set up training sessions so teens will understand your expectations
  • Why and how to instill pride in teen workers
  • The biggest mistake employers make with their teen staff
  • The most important approach to winning teen loyalty and commitment
  • How to speak with teen workers so they respect you and follow directions
  • What steps will make your teen workers give superior customer service

Jane Eckert founded Eckert AgriMarketing in 2001. A marketing professional with a lifetime of farm experience, Jane dedicates herself to helping farms, ranches, and tourism professionals learn more about agritourism, and how to make it profitable.

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