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Fresh Grown Customer Communications In Print

By Jane Eckert and William C. Mauk

Fresh Grown Customer Communications In Print shows you how to identify your customers, how to reach more customers like them, and how to build relationships and loyalty with your customers through good printed customer communications.

Readers are shown step-by-step how to write and prepare postcards, flyers, printed newsletters and brochures to attract more guests, and more profit. You'll find that Fresh Grown Customer Communications In Print is chock full of ideas and strategies that will help you build a base of loyal customers, and attract new customers to your farm or ranch.

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Written by Jane Eckert, expert on farm direct marketing and Bill Mauk,web designer and a former national director of corporate communications. They have developed websites, newsletters and electronic newsletters, brochures, flyers, and a vast number of articles for clients and their own business.

Their experience in both marketing and training combine to provide this easy to use, hands on manual. You can master the skills presented in this book, and make a significant impact on the revenue coming to your farm!

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