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"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Growing Agritourism
A Starter Manual for Farmers and Ranchers

Jane Eckert is the author of "Growing Agritourism, A Starter Manual for Farmers and Ranchers ", the only book written for farmers and ranchers by a successful operator. This book, co-authored with Diane Kline, can be customized specific to your state to highlight the state's unique agritourism offerings, state regulations, and specific resources.

Growing Agritourism, A Starter Manual for Farmers and Ranchers was initially developed and customized for the state of Kansas in 2004. Kansas farmers and ranchers have delighted over the practical and useful tools found on every page:

"There is so much information in 'Growing Agritourism' and it is so logical that anyone could figure out how the make an agritourism business successful. The book is so interesting that I couldn't put it down until I read every page!"

Becky Walters
Walters Pumpkin Farm

"'Growing Agritourism' is an extraordinary compilation of information written from the producer's point of view, with step-by-step details, hundreds of proven ideas and critical information about every aspect of creating and running an agritourism destination. This kind of comprehensive guide has never been created before by any state agency."

Patty Clark, AG Marketing Division
Kansas Department of Commerce

Excerpt from Growing Agritourism:
A Starter Manual for Farmers and Ranchers

At last, a book that walks you through the process one step at a time. This is not a scholarly study, it's written to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers.

Growing Agritourism provides easy reading, but it is packed with practical, powerful how-to' to get started, how to manage it, and how to make it pay.

Written by someone who made her own family farm very successful, Growing Agritourism provides great insight in how to market your business, how to price your products and entertainment, how to hire and train teen workers, and much more.

Step-by-step, practical, and real. Growing Agritourism is indeed a "starter manual for farmers and ranchers."

"Growing Agritourism" is being made available in a customized version for any state in the U.S. or province in Canada. Contact us today at 1-314-862-6288, or email us to see how your department of Tourism, Department of Agriculture, Ag Innovation Center, State Extension Department, or State Resource Conservation and Development can make this book available to farmers and ranchers where you live.

If this book is not yet available in your state, please click here to download a brochure describing the book, "Growing Agritourism" and how you can get your state started in obtaining your own customized edition. (NOTE: This is a 2.84 MB Adobe™pdf file, and will take approximately 12 minutes to download on a dialup connection, or 2 minutes on a DSL connection. If you'd rather have a printed copy mailed to you, please email Jane today.)

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